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Founded by two friends in 2006 on the simple idea of offering parents and babies the best in baby bedtimes.

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Inspired after reading an article about the use of chemicals in baby mattresses, The Little Green Sheep is another one of Syrox’s long-term partnerships, having developed their second site in 2009. The playful nature of the brand is always a pleasure to work with, giving Syrox the creative freedom to create a visually stunning and successful website. Initially starting with a couple of organic mattresses, Syrox have shared the experience of The Little Green Sheep's rapid expansion of their current product range, as well as the growth of a very successful online and instore business. Theirs is a a true online success story!

The Little Green Sheep

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"Syrox clearly have a very talented, close-knit team and we genuinely do not have a bad word to say about them (which is rare for web developers)! Every challenge was met with a solution and the quality of the design work and brand interpretation in particular is outstanding! Thank you!"

- Mark Nicholls -
The Little Green Sheep

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