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After your site is live, we don't stop there. We continue to work with you by supporting your site, monitoring performance and evaluating how best to increase your ROI through Digital Marketing and support.

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Analytics and reporting is an essential tool in helping you to understand the way users are finding, viewing and using your website. With this in mind, we can help increase conversion rates through clever website tweaks and on-page optimisation.

By implementing a host of tracking tools, you will be able to better understand and evaluate user behaviour. You'll be able to see their journey from Homepage to Checkout, including which pages they prefer to view, which buttons they prefer to click, and even the keywords that they used to find your site. All of this is essential information in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. By understanding your customer, we can improve their experience and optimise your site’s potential through content and page layout tweaks, thus improving conversion rates as well as providing valuable data for SEO techniques.

If you undertake any paid campaigns - such as Adwords, Google Shopping, affiliate, emails, etc - by cross-referencing various reports and data you will be able to establish which campaigns, keywords and products generate the greatest increase in profits and which ones have the lowest value for money.



Your website is only part the journey. To build a successful online brand, it’s all about visibility and engagement. We can help market your site, keeping it updated, fresh and engaging.

Search Engine Optimisation, in simple terms, is the process of improving your website's search engine visibility through the fine-tuning of structure and content. "Organic SEO" refers to any non-paid traffic sources and is a term that covers all on-page optimisation, meta-data, URLs, keywords, schemers, XML site maps and validators. By tailoring content to best suit these parameters, you will increase your site's search engine rankings. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, covers paid services and traffic generators such as Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram products, affiliates, advertising and email re-marketing.

We understand which techniques are worth investing in, and can help manage your SEO internally or via third-party specialists. We have found that specialists can be extremely cost-effective, if managed correctly, and we prefer working this way, rather than hiding behind white-label services. Consequently, you are provided with flexibility in both the agencies and services that you want to invest in, and are backed-up with Syrox' experience and expertise.



From Instagram posts to YouTube videos, social media is all about creating a buzz. Social networking has created the opportunity to connect with your customers using a less-intrusive and more collaborative approach, thereby creating a much stronger relationship with the consumer.

Although most aspects of Digital Marketing may require expert knowledge to run cost-effective campaigns, social media is one discipline where we feel that you, the owner, can often excel above the agencies. Drawing upon your in-depth product and customer knowledge, your posts and tweets can be focused to create maximum impact. However, if you feel you may need some assistance, that’s not a problem. We can work with you to plan your strategy and help make sure that your campaign works within current trends.

Your posts, pictures and tweets can all be backed-up through the use of social APIs. Placing widgets on strategic pages further encourages users to engage through media-rich content, or can invite them to either share their purchases, follow your posts and latest offerings, enter competitions and surveys or share with their friends. Syrox can help build a lasting presence across any social networking platforms.


Email Marketing and GDPR

Email communication is an essential tool in retaining customers and increasing sales. It is relatively inexpensive and a great first step into Digital Marketing.

Through list-building and categorisation, you can fine-tune your email campaigns to target specific groups, sending them focused and relevant information that enhances your call to action. Our sites can include a cost-effective email broadcast solution to manage lists. This is achieved through categorisation based on product purchases, spend values, currencies and regions. We can also record deliverability, opened status and click-through rates, allowing the kind of customisability that ensures optimum click-through and conversion for future emails. All our solutions have Cart Abandonment Recognition, which allows you to track abandoned checkouts and send the potential customer a number of reminder emails that can also include flexible discounts.

Through the use of these tools, we can help you develop an effective email strategy to: attract new customers, build your own ‘opt-in’ database, promote repeat business and build brand loyalty. We also include a full design and build service, if required. All this is enabled whilst conforming to the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and regulations.



Whether it is re-touching product images, adding content or creating that extra web page, we are always here to help.

In retail, it is essential to keep your website looking fresh and engaging. Homepages should be tweaked weekly, incorporating updates that may include the latest seasonal trends, new products that have been added, or your latest promotions. To help you, we can offer a full range of in-house design and management services, incorporating the latest design, technology and usability practices. Alternatively, we could provide another pair of hands during those busy periods.

We understand the "best practice" requirements when it comes to e-commerce design and layout. We follow the latest in user experience (UX) trends that increase customer-retention and conversion rate. We also offer AB Testing - a technique through which the site presents alternating customers different content, layouts and functionality, and then measures which combinations increase or decrease conversion rates. Then, implementing what has proven to work best, we can help finely-tune and optimise your site to increase customer conversion rates (CRO), basket values and revenue.


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