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We have a tried and tested process - from gathering the initial information and working with you during the conception, to supporting you as your business grows.

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Brand & client assessment

Competitor and market intelligence

Understanding the brief


The first step in designing any successful website is to gather information. At the very beginning we ask you to complete our questionnaire. This helps us to understand your brand, products, ethos and goals. We ask you about your likes and dislikes, customer demographics, product details, your marketplace and your competitors. This information helps us to understand your business objectives and the environment in which you operate. This enables us to build a clear picture of how your website can best convey your values and achieve your expectations.


Strategy benchmarking

UI and UX planning

Appreciating your customers


The next stage is planning. Using the information gathered, we identify a set of goals, performance measures and tools to maximise website visibility and achieve results. We use careful User Interface and User Experience planning. We will detail every page, including its purpose, content and functionality, whilst constantly keeping in mind your customer base. We then start to structure the website around these pages and their functionality. This is an essential process for developing brand-aligned and easy to navigate websites, with clear calls to action, that maximise both conversion rates and brand awareness.


Conceptual design

Client feedback & interaction



Creative impact begins when our designers create the initial concept designs. While collaborating with you and exchanging ideas, we establish an overall look and feel that conveys the perfect identity, message and user experience. This is then further developed into a full online prototype - enabling you to view the flow of pages from homepage right through to payment. Any tweaks and adjustments are discussed, actioned, and then incorporated into a prototype that is ready for sign off. This process enables you to visualise the completed site while you plan your next steps.


Validating code

3rd-party integration

Quality assurance testing


The build is undertaken, with constant collaboration between our designers and developers throughout, ensuring a first-class deployment. Through our use of code validation, responsive design and best practice accessibility, our websites are built for the largest possible audience. During this stage, any specified third-party integration, including inventory, ERPs, EPOS, couriers and accounts, is carried out. We also initiate full User Acceptance Testing and Quality Assurance for functionality, including any device or browser compatibility issues. This ensures that your website is optimised and ready to be viewed by the widest possible audience and on the latest devices and browsers.


Configuring data feeds

Analytics configuration

Redirect strategy


During the build, you will be given administration access. This enables you to start populating and viewing your website and its content. Throughout this process we are always on hand to help, train and support you. Once the development is complete, and you’re 100% happy, it is fully checked and stress-tested with orders, to ensure that the site is ready for the official launch. During the launch, Google Analytics and Search Console are added. Any 3rd party validation, including data feeds, are also completed and finalised. If the website is replacing another, a full 301 redirect strategy is implemented to help minimise any disruption to important links or SEO ranking.

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