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Blu Crystal

Hand-crafted sandals by artisans experienced in producing footwear of the highest quality.

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Sophisticated summer look

Aruna Blu, Blu Crystal’s first collection, has been designed for women who want to reign in comfort and are not afraid to glow in flat sandals. The products contain eye-catching and luxurious elements - giving them a feminine and chic touch. A sibling to Aruna Seth, this fresh, stripped-back e-commerce site is as simple as it is elegant, featuring a simple, no-basket, one-page checkout, and straight-to-product links. Syrox' involvement has covered all aspects from initial concepts to final photography. With only 3 products, but just under 200 options, the site is simplicity at its best - just like its sandals.

Blu Crystal
Blu Crystal

Brand design

Full creative web design

STYLEman Integration

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